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Ultra lag

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I was playing yesterday dont starve hamlet and after 1 hour of playing my screen turned black, but i heard that the game is still on. I cannot do anything at that point so i restarted my PC and everything was lagging, but after some time it worked normally. I opened steam and started dont starve and thats when it lagged so much that it was unplayable. Today nothing changed so i need help. I am using mods like: backpack and amulet slots, hamlet stackable relics, more map icons, detailed tooltips, craft pot, display attack range, insight and no pernament death. It never happened to me before, other games work normal. I attached some files, maybe it could help to solve this problem.

backup_log.txt log.txt settings.ini

Steps to Reproduce

I dont really know, but maybe it could be something with my computer.

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