Two Packim Baggims

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I can’t narrow it down so this is everything I did (and was able to recreate) to get two Packim Baggims of which one (kind of) duplicates items. Go to the volcano with Packim Baggims, collect some stuff, put it in Packim Baggims, leave the volcano, go to the skyworthy, take the stuff inside Packim Baggims, drop the fishbone, use the skyworthy and travel to Hamlet, (Packim Baggims is visible for a very short time next to the skyworthy and dissapears), travel back to Shipwrecked, (there’s one Packim Baggims right where the fishbone is but another one is appearing and heading to the fishbone, he carrys a copy of the stuff you collected at the volcano and just took out of him)

Steps to Reproduce
see description

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