Trawl Net (SW) duplicates when full (not usable)

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Can't Reproduce

When the trawl net is full it releases from the boat to the sea but still stay in the slot too. the net on water is not usable. when i drop the net from the slot it may spawn where the other one was and can then be opened.

2019-06-15 17_48_23.png

2019-06-15 17_50_51.png

2019-06-15 17_51_05.png

Steps to Reproduce
see description
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User Feedback

ok so maybe my description to reproduce is not well enough, sorry. 

- play with controller
- start a game SW with HAM compatible
- craft a boat and a net and equip
- drive around until it is full and drop by itself

-> it drops and it is still equipped. the same happens with all lamps when equipped on a ship. they go out but are still in the slot with 1%. the slot only updates when i try to change the equipment.

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