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Too many brambles in lush.

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

The amount of brambles spawned during lush Season (usually About 5000) results not only in low framerates at times, but can also cause world to be permanently unloadable due to there being too many prefabs being loaded in and the game running out of Memory. This heavily hinders Players with lower Hardware specs to Play in a world beyond lush Season. Especially if it is also considered that prefabs in Rooms you have not yet been in only get created upon entering said room, resulting in more and more Performance issues the longer the world is played in.

Steps to Reproduce
Be in lush Season with brambles enabled and run c_countprefabs("bramblespike") in the debug console as soon as all brambles are loaded to see the game creates 5000 brambles on average
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User Feedback


Do you have a savegame reproducing this by any chance (the loading issue especially)? If so could you upload it through the bug reporter? (Main Menu>Options>Report Bug - mention saveslot and issue and it'll upload your savegame)

Thanks :)

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