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The software just closed-jump world

  • Version: Console Pending

Ns 1.0.7

Ok! This time is crazy. After so many bugs I reported, this one makes me mad, even though all those bugs I reported  isn’t fixed.

I play DS and dlc very long time, include IOS, PC. I can tolerate many bugs and I know them, even though they very damage my gameplay.

“But this time, it’s error, not warning. I don’t think I did anything wrong. I just jump to hamlet-2 from rog-5. And it’s just error.” No matter how many times I start,  it just error and closed.

I reported many bugs in this forum, and didn’t get any response. At Twitter, Klei says they will fix some bugs in this year, but after half of year, it still full of bugs, and it didn’t update.

You know what makes me crazy? it’s that after last bug I reported, I create a new file, and I survive about thousands days, it just error.

I still remember  last file I create, it just warning because I jump to SW from ROG by skyworthy. It’s just warning ( index field ’childspawner ‘(a nil value)), but this time it just error and closed.

So maybe this time I should create a new file, and then check some new bugs which may not be fixed, again and again.



Steps to Reproduce

I try to describe it peacefully. I don’t know how it happen.

It just jumps to hamlet-2 (days 365) from ROG-5 (about 600 days)by Skyworthy. 

The world description: In ROG, season boss selects more; in SW boss selects more; in Hamlet it stay defaults.

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