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The consuming order about vortex cloak

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Half month ago, I reported that the consuming order about battle armor.

Today I check the wiki about  the consuming order of battle armor.

I find that vortex cloak has some features and I quote

Unlike other armors, if the Vortex Cloak is equipped while another hat is already worn (Making it the primary armor as it was equipped last), the Vortex Cloak will continue to remain the primary armor even if the hat is unequipped and re-equipped, or if it is swapped out for another. If one wishes to use the Vortex Cloak as secondary armor (for instance, to reduce durability/sanity loss by equipping a Football Helmet to cover most of the damage), one must not be wearing a hat when it is first equipped.”

Maybe it happen to all battle armor. But it still can’t explain that I create a new file about Wilson. I try to different ways to consume, it still consumes equipment which your body equips. 

Also I think this feature about vortex cloak is stupid. It can only be set as secondary armor when it is first quipped. For those don’t know or those forget this feature, they can only create a new file to deal with it.

I don’t think these will be fixed quickly, but I want some replies about these bugs. It just like a silent forum.

Steps to Reproduce

Just like I said before,

create a new file, let log suit as secondary armor, and football helmets as primary armor, it will take log suit as primary armor.

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