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[Switch] Long-term save no longer loading, not first time this has happened

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My ~500 day save on Switch stopped loading today. All was well prior with no noticeable frame drops or weirdness, but after going into the Skyworthy to enter my existing linked Hamlet world, itself with ~100 days, I was greeted with the "the game was closed because an error has occurred" message. I now get this message whenever I attempt to load into the world, after being stuck at "Loading.." for about 30s. 

Steps to Reproduce

This has happened in relatively similar circumstances (before Hamlet was released) twice before; one world at ~800 days and another at ~600. The issues always begin after using the Seaworthy or Skyworthy, and only with a high day count. 

I've found nothing solid that fixes the issue and the Switch can't find any corrupted data. However, the second world that had this issue was restored to normal function after the Hamlet update was installed, though clearly the underlying problem hasn't been fixed. 

User Feedback

I get the same problem too. I create a file and play about 900 days,I almost collect everything including every rare thing, it is error and close after using shyworthy, I can’t get into the file anymore. I really hope they can fix this bug and then I can load this file. Did you know when they can update?

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I'm having the same problem. It doesn't look like there is a fix anytime soon. 

Come on Klei at this point DS for the Switch is a broken game.

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