[SW] Tar Lamp issue in Hamlet compatible worlds

Mama Llama
  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

While modding the tar lamp to be refillable I noticed that Hamlet ships with a modified TarLamp.lua that replaces some calls to component.machine:TurnOn/TurnOff with the local turnon/turnoff which effectively bypasses the components.equippable.toggledon setting.

The end result is that in Hamlet Compatible shipwreck worlds or Hamlet worlds where we get a tar lamp the lamp's machine state and toggle state can get out of sync when picking it up. This is really perplexing because I can't recall ever seeing tar or tar lamps in a Hamlet world so I don't know why the TarLamp file is even shipped with Hamlet, but I also haven't played as much Hamlet as SW so I dunno

Steps to Reproduce
To reproduce: Start a world that is Hamlet compatible. Give yourself a tar lamp. Set it on the ground and then turn it off and pick it up again and it will be on but the action text will still say "Turn On" and right clicking the lamp will go through the turning on functions and the machine state will be re-synced with the equip state.

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