SW: No birds at all

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I used the in-game report function already but I thought I may as well create a ticket here. 

I played on halmet for like 300 days, then world hop to SW. At SW it was mid-hurricane season over there. I explore the map and build base as usually. Killed sealnado and tiger shark. Then during dry season I visited volcano to collect coffee plants. After that world hoped back to Hamlet to plant coffee plant and wait for the dry season to end. At some point the aporkalypse occurred so I ended it asap. Soon after that it is Mild season day 1 over SW so I head back to SW. Plant 80 trees, build 4 ROG ver Pig house, killed 4 treeguards. So now I wanted a bird in my bird cage and this is the point where I realize SW world stopped spawning any birds at all. The book Bird of the World has no effect.

Steps to Reproduce
Not sure. May be related to aporkalypse.

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Update: After playing for 2 more years in the same save I notice something:

The world actually HAS birds. The issue, is no birds on some turfs (Magma turfs, SW crafted cobblestones turf, tidal marsh turf for example).

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