suspicius cracks close after a while

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

i have a world at day 600 and evrytime i go to the aporcalypse ruins all cracks which hadnt a door after bombing it are closed.

Steps to Reproduce
open suspicius cracks in a ruins and leave the ruins and when you come back after a while they will be all closed again

User Feedback


aerial view mod

action queue plus

brighter dusks

city planning placement

coffee and nettles for evryone

combined status

crafting ui lag fix

delete my world


geometric placement

lightining rod range check

map revial radius

memory spike fix

minimap hud

quick drop

remove insanity desaturat

sanity volume limiter

save mod

smart pitchfork plus

stfu flies

stfu ro bin

whats inside


i have these mods activated.

should i stop posting bugs if i play with mods?

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No, by all means post them, I just ask it to gain some insight, especially if I can not reproduce it. This is the first time I've seen this issue reported - I may be wrong - and I'd expect more reports if something that fundamental was broken, never knows.

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