Spidermonkey Overpopulation

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

It appears that Spidermonkeys don't keep track of their trees and will continue to spread throughout the entire deep rain forest biome the longer a Hamlet world exists. Not sure if it has to do with saving and quitting the game, length of time the world has been active, or world hopping but regardless it's something that gets annoying, lowers frame rate, and I am pretty sure it wasn't intended. 

Steps to Reproduce
Have a Hamlet world that exists for a long time and either save and quit a lot or world hop a lot. That said, if a cap was put on the amount of spidermonkey that are allowed to exist in the world (not sure how hard this is to do) that might be an easier fix...

User Feedback


The pointer to the tree a spider monkey herd is tied to in fact does not persist through saving and loading, observable simply by saving and quitting next to a couple hanging around their home, loading back up, waiting about 5-10 seconds and watching them relocate. That said I'm not sure that's directly responsible for the overpopulation. I can't really tell though because I can't follow the game's herd management logic to save my life.

If this tree pointer saving business is fixed, I'd personally like to see something implemented in its place to make spider monkeys more deliberately periodically migrate a bit and spread their territory. Untended forests being overrun with spider creep seems like a sensible way to up danger factor a little.

I actually also hope the population doesn't turn out to be a bug. I think the spider monkey population getting uncomfortably dense seems like a perfectly reasonable consequence of failing to go in and cull every now and then.

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5 hours ago, QuartzBeam said:

On the plus side, it makes it easier to use Cocooned Trees as decor.

True but it should still have some sort of cap or a little control. 

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