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Sound glitch on Hamlet

  • Version: Console Pending

Ever since I opened Aporkalypse calendar room sound which is emited by calendar (grinding gears) keeps repeating on loop no mater where I am. This is on Nintendo Switch

Steps to Reproduce

Open and reset aporkalypse clock

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User Feedback

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Same thing happened to me on Switch. I have the aporkalypse clock noise non stop.  Started after I went into the clock room, reset the clock and the close noise has not stopped since.  Have closed and opened the game multiple times, been about 30 in game days since it started.  Tried revisiting the room, started the aporkalypse and the clock noise stopped but as soon as I moved it past the aporkalypse it started up again and will not stop.  Any updates on this being fixed?

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I have the aporkalypse calendar, shop music, end's well, angry ghosts' moaning, AND music box shadow hands all overlapping any time I'm indoors in my main Hamlet save file. I've taken to just turning the sound FX off in the settings menu, otherwise my IRL sanity would drop to zero.

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