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Skyworthy doesn't take me back to Hamlet

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

So I got a hamlet save file with a linked RoG. When I tried to go back to Hamlet the second time, I jumped in the Skyworthy (there is an item on the ground nearby) and it does the animation. My game loads but, instead of teleporting me, it spawns me in a copy of my RoG? Because the item on the ground wasn't there. When I re-use the Skyworthy and choose "Survival", I go back to my original RoG with the item on the ground.

So the game recognizes the copy of my RoG as my Hamlet world and I'm afraid I lost Hamlet forever on that save :(

I already tried disabling my mods, reloading the game and rebuilding the SkyWorthy...

Steps to Reproduce

I just gathered a bunch of RoG items to take back with me to Hamlet. I already succesfully traveled back once before this bug. So this problem is really sudden.

Edit: I did die in RoG and got touch stone revived if this matters

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