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Shopkeeper in academy gets stuck trying to restock

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In the academy shop, where you trade relics for 10-oincs, the shopkeeper got stuck trying to put a new oinc on the pedestal. I'm not sure how he got stuck there, but he did somehow. I tried to push him around the obstacle, but he seemed to be stuck inside the decorative object at the back of the room. Leaving the shop and entering again didn't fix it, he was still there, stuck trying to restock the oinc. This was a problem because I wanted to sell my relic, but the oinc wasn't there to receive in trade for it. Maybe this was a weird one-time thing, but perhaps that decorative object in the back could be repositioned or made able to be walked through or something so that this can't happen anymore.


Steps to Reproduce
Not sure, I just traded a relic for a 10-oinc, and the shopkeeper got stuck.

User Feedback

Also, you can trade the relics to him directly. You don't need to use the shop pedestals. He'll make the same exchange. Though, I will look at the movement problem as well.

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