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save file corrupted

  • Version: Console Pending

xbox crashes out to the main menu 30 seconds after trying to load the save file.

Steps to Reproduce

I was on day 64 of the aporkalypse on console and i had turned the calendar back halfway.  i kept being interrupted by crawling horrors who could step on the forward or back pedal.  I got annoyed with them and decided to quaff the water of life, but was bitten in the heel click animation so i left for the previous room.  I tried to quaff the water again but my stats were not raised and the item was not consumed.  Wilson did the heel click animation without being interrupted.  I saved and quit to try to fix this but now the game won't load and crashes to the main menu.  I'm a little bummed as this is the first time i would have survived aporkalypse because i had a meat effigy in the event i died.  If my game's gone please just tell me straight, but if there's a way to reclaim my save I would love that.  (at least i got wilba on that playthrough)

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