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Reported 5 Months Ago, Still Not Fixed.

  • Version: Console Pending

Reported this here and via email about 5 months and can't believe this is still happening. Save files in Hamlet will corrupt and worlds will be lost. There is no point putting time into this game at all. I know you just take the money and run. But I'd like a fix to this. I see DST gets regular updates... all the time!!! That's where you make your money though. Honestly. Thought I would give it a try again after 5 months. Nope. 2 worlds lost after about day 20. This is stupid

Steps to Reproduce

Play Hamlet. Lose your world. 

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User Feedback

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7 hours ago, Stephanie J said:

There’s no hope so moved to DST now. 

There is hope!! From the recent roadmap:

22 hours ago, JoeW said:

And finally…. 
This isn’t directly related to Don’t Starve Together, but we thought it would be a good time to mention that we are taking a look at the Original Don’t Starve ports. We’re collecting feedback and will be working with our porting partners to address lingering issues that have been hanging around on various platforms. 

One issue we find is a lot of players tend to accept these issues as “known”, and we don’t necessarily always know specifically what kind of issues need to be prioritized because they might not be getting represented in such a way that we fully see them. So if you have specific issues you are frustrated about and feel need to be resolved, now is a good idea to make sure we know about it. We’ll be making posts in the appropriate forums as we shift focus to each port.   

We will not likely ever get to a place where Don’t Starve and the DLC have zero bugs but we would like to get the Don’t Starve ports in a better place. This isn’t going to happen overnight as we need to organize and we can’t do everything all at once, but we thought it was worth mentioning that this is something we are working on. 


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