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PS4 - Sea/Skyworthy linked me to new world?

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I do not know if this is a bug or not, I'm not familiar with the new update, but when I use the Skyworthy on RoG to travel to SW and then when I destroy the Seaworthy to place it in a different location and then use it to go back to RoG, the game will put me on a new world!

When I used the old one thought, It worked as expected. Just when I try to move it to another place and rebuild it, the game will give me different world then mine.

Thanks.. and sorry if this is intended.


I'm playing on new world. 

Steps to Reproduce

1- Build Skyworthy on RoG and travel to SW.

2- Destroy Seaworthy from SW and rebuild it.

3- Travel back to RoG.

4- The game will spawn you on new world :(.

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