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PS4 Hamlet crash when loading or CREATING NEW GAME

  • Version: Console Known Issue

Hi guys,


I just bough the hamlet update on ps4 and everytime i create a new game, when the screen switch to loading the map, the game crash with error ce-34878-0

I tried many type of game, vanilla, shipwrecked, hamlet, i trid with different characters, still the error.

I reinstalled the game, it is up to date, my ps4 is also up to date.

I tried the game in a new account, still the problem.

I changed many settings to make sure, screen resolution, etc.

I rebuilt the database

Nothing worked at all. and i have the problem only with this game, since the latest patch (yesterday)

I also deleted my savefile from this game.

After lot of testing, i found out that the game work only if i choose Reign of giants, any other game crash.

Steps to Reproduce

So basically the game load up.

I choose new game, chose type of game. (anything execpt RoG)

Default character and map type.

And when i click play, it start to load up and the game crashes.

Only if you choose reign of giant, the map load up and work, all other type, including vanilla, crash the game.

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User Feedback


Sorry to hear that - please see our linked post for information that may be of help: 


If the issue persists after doing the workaround in the link above, please let us know the following:

  • What language is your system currently set to when playing Don't Starve?
  • Are you playing on a PS4, a PS4 Slim, or a PS4 Pro?
  • Please provide a screenshot of any error or crash message you encounter.
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Thank you so much.

It was the language the issue.


Ps4 pro was in francais(france)

I changed it to francais(canada)

Now the game is working properly.

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