oscilatting fan bug

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

the fan gets bugged when you go to RoG or SW. i make the fan ON and go to sw and when i come back after 20 days the fan is still on and making wind.

dunno if thats a bug but he shoudnt be ON.

sometimes the fan is OFF when i come back but when hayfeaver is starting and im about to sneeze and then i go in the range of the fan which is OFF and the hayfeaver immidiatly goes away. hayfeaver normally doesnt go away immidiatly when the fan is ON. but in this case the fan is off and the feaver goes away immidiatly

Steps to Reproduce
build a fan and make it on and travel to sw or rog. then travel back after few days

User Feedback

What day is it in Hamlet when you left, and when you return?

I found a problem with the fan that it didn't matter if it was on or off, it would still protect you from hayfever. I fixed that.

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