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NS:jump world,change person, no special items

  • Version: Console Pending

Sorry for my poor English.

I found that when I change person by jump to a new world,there noperson special item.

In hamlet world 1,I use robot jump to hamlet world 2. It can change person,so I change robot to Wheeler. 

But in hamlet world 2,wheeler lost her gun and navi,I don't know what happen. I try to jump hamlet world 3, it still happen.

I really hope it can be fix,and I don't know if I change other person ,not wheeler,it will happen again. 

I really love these game,sorry again for my poor English,it is not my first language.

Steps to Reproduce

Nintendo switch version 1.7

1,use Robot in hamlet world 1,(it better go to sw and rog,open all those cave 2 in rog and volcano in sw)

2,find those 4 items,which cause to jump hamlet world 2.

3,jump to hamlet world 2, and change person to Wheeler.

4,Lost her ,special item such as her gun and navi.

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