Missing Name bug (again)

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Closed

So i found this missing thing again, like in 

        if inst then
        if inst.prefab then
            print("inst prefab")


scripts/dlcsupport_strings.lua(85,1) Wet    
scripts/dlcsupport_strings.lua(87,1) inst    
scripts/dlcsupport_strings.lua(88,1) 274816 -     


any idea what i can log to help find out what this issue is?

2019-06-01 21_49_25.png

2019-06-01 21_49_37.png

2019-06-09 13_22_50.png

Steps to Reproduce
i dont know
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User Feedback

.... ....

If you save in the position where it happens, go to Main Menu>Options>Report Bug and mention the issue and the save slot, I should hopefully be able to figure out what the object is (although it's indeed odd that it has no prefab)

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it disappeared quiet after i see it, so it is nothing to realy reproduce :(

as this is no problem im gameplay or game crashing (anymore, thanks!) i think this "bug" can be closed

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