Mini signs block chests after reload

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379591 OSX_Steam

Playing with just the Geometric placement mod, I can place a mini sign in exactly the same place as a chest, so that a single sign can be viewed from all angles.

Within that session, the interaction happens as expected - the pointer is on the sign, but I am interacting with the chest, as that's what I mostly need to interact with. After reload however, the interaction reverts to the default, and the sign, appearing in the foreground, blocks me from "clicking through it" on the chest. This forces me to interact with the chest with through a thin "bezel".

Doesn't happen in DST.

EDIT: I've noticed that sometimes after reload, the click-through behaviour does work correctly. I haven't counted the working vs. non-working reloads, but I'd say It may be 50/50.

Steps to Reproduce
Place a minisign and a chest in the same position. Interact with the chest while pointing at the sign. Reload, and try again.
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User Feedback

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I haven't figured out when the game manages to "get it right" after reload. Simple save/quit + relaunch doesn't work, regardless if the chest entsĀ are loaded or sleeping. Maybe it's something more complicated and involves the periodic saving, and/or travelling to another world (Volcano in my case)?

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