Meat Effigy game breaking glitch.

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

1) Start a game in Hamlet,

2) get the slanty. Build skyworthy in the slanty. Also build some other rooms.

3) build a meat effigy **outdoor**.

4) now travel to ROG then die.

upon your death the game try to resurrect you using the meat effigy. After the loading screen comes the glitch: your screen are showing an empty room, it is the room where you build your skyworthy except the skyworthy is now gone and there are no doors. If you press "m" for the map you see the map the layout the slanty's room connection. Also your character is missing becuase it is actually spawned **outdoor** where the meat effigy was.

Steps to Reproduce
Detailed in post.
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User Feedback

Something similar happened to me a moment ago. The difference in my case was that i made meat effigy in slanty's main room and skyworthy in another one. Upon death in RoG i revived in Hamlet using meat effigy in slanty. Everything was fine until i moved to another room. What i saw was the glitch you described - the room was empty, character invisible (although still present in the room). As the room loaded, i got briefly burnt (i had no firepit in that room or any fire source that could cause this, except carrying a torch in my inventory), and died to Charlie a moment after (although i had light source in that room). 

Since it was a world with 450+ days, i wasn't very happy seeing this happen. 

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