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Manure/guano flies sound effect heard in wrong places

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Can't Reproduce

I fought some bats and left some guano in a ruins room. I could hear the flies buzzing around the guano in other rooms in the ruins. But what's weirder is that I could also hear the same flies while in my house. I've noticed the flies sound continuing at times when no manure or guano is nearby, but this is a specific instance that I'm able to report.

Steps to Reproduce
Leave manure/guano in a ruins room. You can hear it while in the house in the hamlet.

User Feedback

I can't repro this. There was an old bug that did this that was fixed. Is this an old report by chance?

If it's recent, can you send us a save file with the problem? you can do that through the main menuĀ  OPTIONS>REPORT BUG

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It was a new file from the day I posted the bug report, and unfortunately I died in it before seeing your comment, so the save file is gone. As an update, save/quitting and opening the game up again seemed to fix it. So, perhaps it doesn't need actual fixing after all. Thank you for responding.

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