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Loud relic pile

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

So, there I was in the royal pig town, when I heard this loud noise, almost like a bunch of waterfalls. I tracked it down, and there was just a pile of three relics in the middle of the road. I picked 'em up, and the noise continued emanating from this one spot. I relogged, and the sound continued (the relics did not respawn). 

Steps to Reproduce
Unknown, simply found the anomaly in town
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User Feedback

I think it's likely that this spot in town was 0,0 (the very middle of the map). If an entity gets bugged and doesn't know where it's supposed to be, it'll sometimes teleport to 0,0 instead. This can include mobs, items, structures, even sound effects, basically anything in the game. It's rarely harmful, but you might want to check this spot every once in a while if you actively play this world, since things like this can build up there.

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