Glommer disappeared

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

The issue is that Glommer doesnt show up. I managed to get the Glommer's flower and appeared when I did it but then disappeared and didnt see it again.

Steps to Reproduce

I was playing in a dont starve RoG world compatible with Hamlet andduring the full moon i took the Glommer's flower so i started walking back to base with Glommer behind me. Suddenly Glommer disappeared si I left the flower in one of my chests but Glommer has not showed up yet and it has been like a year in the game world time. Also the flower shows like Glommer is still alive because its not perishing.


User Feedback

I've been doing some tests and when you are in RoG world with Hamlet compatibility seems like if you leave the Glommer's flower inside a chest it doesnt stay next to this chest anymore and just walks randomly around the world, and the same if you leave the flower with chester. The only way that I've seen the keep Glommer in your base is to keep the flower with you.

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