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Don't Starve on Nintendo Switch ROG and SW combined - coconuts float, seasons combine

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Don't Starve on Nintendo Switch, playing ROG and Shipwrecked attached with Seaworther. 

Two bugs:

1) palm tree guards fighting floaty boaty knights cause coconuts to get stuck in the air spinning. Have seen this on land as well, not sure what the tree guards were fighting that time.


2) attach ROG to SW with sea-worther, seasons become mixed. Fall in one world and spring in the other? The world I'm in will show evidence of both seasons (in ROG, collapsed rabbit holes and fall-colored trees on the same screen, or in SW random overheating and plant withering in mild season). Full videos available upon request.

I love your work!

'Here to help.



Steps to Reproduce

To repro floating coconuts- have palm tree guards fight mobs. 


To repro season mixing- attach ROG to SW world w sea worther.


All using Don't Starve on Nintendo Switch 

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