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Crash during Winter in RoG World [N. Switch Hamlet DLC]

  • Version: Console Pending

Was playing in Winter, scrolling around Mac Tusks as Wagstaff.

This crash happened to me twice.

scripts/widgets/controls.lua:375 invalid value (table) at index 1 in table for 'concat'
LUA ERROR stack traceback:
	scripts/widgets/controls.lua:375 in (method) OnUpdate (Lua) <218-448>
    scripts/frontend.lua:573 in (method) Update (Lua) <425-593>
    scripts/update.lua:46 in () ? (Lua) <3-50>

It also says "Rev. -1 Switch" on the bottom left.


P.S. Allow us to change language on the switch... being limited to System Language is not fun.

Steps to Reproduce

Sadly I am not sure what causes this, however.

I was playing as Wagstaff without glasses near McTusk dens.
First time crash happened when they shot me, this time it was during evening with no one nearby, but in the same area.

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