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Chester follows me from hamlet to RoG world with duplicated items

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

There are two chesters in my game, one in RoG and one in hamlet, i did not even take eyebone with me, it dropped when i used skyworthy. And this hamlet chester had duplicated items when he spawned, literally duplicated because i took everything inside him and stored in my chests in hamlet world, then i came back to RoG world, and that other chester had all the same items untouched, i basically got double loot.

Later i killed that hamlet chester just to see what happends, then i came back to RoG, raided the riuns and got new loot inside my chester. When i was coming back to Hamlet, i dropped eyebone on the ground thinking that this might prevent the bug from happening again, but it did not help. New chester spawned, and that new chester had duplicated loot again, new duplicated loot, not the old one.

I have sent my gamefile through bug report inside the game, although i wasn't sure how it worked, i forgot to mention the save slot that got the bug. It is my 5th save slot, maxwell.

Steps to Reproduce
I am not sure how to reproduce this, but the way it happend to me is: i came to RoG world from hamlet world, found chester here, and had eyebone in my inventory when i used skyworthy to return to hamlet world. Then eyebone dropped when i used skyworthy, and when i returned to hamlet, this duplicated chester spawned.
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