Character permanently slowed down

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Hello! I was jumping from a Hamlet world to a RoG world, played a few minutes in RoG, then the lights went out and my computer turned off. When I loaded back the game, it loaded me when I had just jumped worlds. But the problem is: I jumped worlds while I was wearing the Tin Suit and Fancy Helmet, but when I took them off, my character was still slowed down! Even when I closed the game and reloaded the save, jumped worlds, and generated a new shipwrecked world, it didn't change. I don't know if the problem was the crash or the world jumping, but I know it wasn't a mod, since I created a new game with the same mods active and my speed was fine. Can someone help me with this?

Steps to Reproduce
Probably jump worlds while wearing Tin Suit + Fancy Helmet combo, or crash your game right after jumping worlds WHILE wearing these armor

User Feedback

I believe there is a console command to increase your speed multiplier. Simply find out the base speed your character would be normally and input that console command with the correct value and see if that helps.  

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