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Cave Respawn Bug PS4 "Don't Starve" 1.15

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Hi there,

As of 1.13, when entering a single cave entrance for the 1st time, the generated Cave world would be fixed to that entrance and could be revisited to find all the things the player had done in that Cave world: building 2 farms and destroying a Slurtle mound upon entering the Cave, leaving said Cave, and reentering would show the 2 farms where the player built them and the Slurtle mound still destroyed along with the same Cave world and all its contents...

NOW as of 1.15, Cave worlds tied to a single entrance seem to only last a few days once the player exits them; I'm on day 61 and the game has created a new Cave world (4) times for a single entrance, each new one destroying the one before it...

Is this how Cave worlds are supposed to work and 1.14/15 updates changed it so -OR- is this a new bug a consequence of update 1.14/15?

Again, this is for PS4 "Don't Starve" Together Shipwrecked, as of 1.14/15 ( I don't know if this occurred in 1.14 because the 1.14 update made the game completely unplayable)


Please address this; I will follow up with a save log if necessary, but the bug in question isn't really observable unless playing through, AND you're still addressing an entirely separate bug for which i sent the save log already

Steps to Reproduce

PS4 "Don't Starve" Together Shipwrecked ; 1.14/15

(1) play through any world

(2) Access a cave hole and let game generate Cave world

(3) Exit Cave world

(4) Wait 4-10 game days above ground

(5) Revisit SAME CAVE HOLE

As per these steps, the game has been deleting the Cave world and generating and entirely new one

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