Can´t use Weeler's Navigadget in Adventure Mode

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

When I try to use Wheeler's compass in winters levels of Adventure Mode(RoG)(king of winter/the game is afoot...) to find stuff, it bugs and crashes I noticed it doesn't crash in the nigh and dusk and other seasons, but the bug resurfaces in the day and winter somehow. I basically can't use one of Wheeler's items cause the game becomes unplayeable with those crashes, so any help will be appreciated. P.S.: I didn't have any mods.

Steps to Reproduce

Play Adventure mode King of winter/the game is afoot/a cold reception chapter with Wheeler

In daylight, equip Navigadget and put something inside


User Feedback

I was just trying to get Maxwell and Wes with my favorite character Wheeler :(

Reading some of the Klei Bug Tracker posts I discover that at least 3 other post about the same bug, the oldest one since August 2019

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Actually, not only in adventure mode, it also appears in non-adventures mode.

When  I stores thing in navi, it also crash.

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