[Bug] Seasons

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

By linking two worlds Shipwrecked and Hamlet. Several problems related to climate happen.(Possibility of being Sw/Ham/ 2 people confirmed) 

-There is no more presence of winds
-No More rain
-At the Moonson station don't floods 

Basically the Mild/Hurricane/Moonson stations are unusable. All the weather is bugged.
-There is still presence of volcanic stone rains in summer.

In addition there are other problems related to weather/climate. 
-When using the Telelocator in the Moonson the rain persisted until the end of the dry season. (Consequently flooded normally in moonson, It only started to rain after that.).
-When entering a store or in two interior followed (no contact with external world) and raining, it will stop rain. 

Also this is directly affecting Hamlet:
-By going to a Hamlet world during the humid season. The mist lasts just over 5 seconds. 

This report was at the request of a friend who has these problems.

Steps to Reproduce
Connect a Shipwrecked World to Hamlet. Various problems with the seasons will happen
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