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bramble spawns/destruction cause massive lag

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

right before i get outside a jungle ruin, the lush season started. the game internally spawned brambles around the world as intended i guess, right after i get outside all those brambles spawned same time in a jungle biome, causing massive lag, but that doesn't end there, due there was a lot of snap tooth plants around, they started to attack the brambles nearly the same time, in that moment the game soft-locked/freeze for near 1 min, until the game it finished to process all those brambles destroyed.

sound like a memory leak or overloading the game's memory. 

Steps to Reproduce
wait to lush season, in a biome with a lot of snaptooth plants, wait inside the cave/ruins until the game spawns brambles around, get out side, all those brambles spawning same time cause massive lag, at the same time the hostile mobs attack those brambles causing the game soft-lock /freeze until it finish to process all that information.

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