Bird Trap Empty After Catching Bird (And other things disappearing in town)

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I put a bird trap in the town, hoping to catch a pigeon, and two separate times, it was tripped and bouncing with a bird inside, but when I picked it up, there was no bird. I had room in my inventory for a bird to be added, but all I got was the empty trap back. The trap lost durability, too. I caught a crow successfully with the same trap. I wonder if it's a problem with the pigeons.


I also noticed that sometimes when I bait the bird trap, the seeds I put in there just disappear. I click the seeds on the trap with the "bait" prompt, and then the seeds vanish and the "bait" prompt is still available. I also tried planting trees in the moss turf in the middle of the town, and while most of them planted like they were supposed to, one of them just consumed the seed, and no tree was planted there.

Steps to Reproduce
Put bird trap in town, sometimes when it catches a bird, you don't get a bird when you pick it up. And sometimes baiting bird traps with seeds and planting trees in the town causes them to disappear, too.

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