BFB Stuck after destroying structures

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending


The BFB got stuck after destroying a pig farming set piece. Only one leg shows, unresponsive to console commands or restarting the application.

Steps to Reproduce
The BFB spawned so I figured I'd use it to destroy a pig farm and pick up the loot, the BFB destroyed it all as anticipated then started following me around the map. Even with a stalking stick, I was barely able to outrun it. When I heard the BFB flying away sound, I went back to collect my hard-earned loot to noticed there is one unresponsive BFB leg.

User Feedback

EDIT: I found the other leg in a completely different part of the map. Below is attached the map of the locations of the respective legs circled, the other is the actual BFB missing a leg


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