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A hurricane storm bug affected the gaming experience about weather in seasonmanager

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

In the wet season, when there is a hurricane storm with hail outside, as long as you enter the room and then come out, the hail will stop immediately.

I think this should not be the original intention of the game.

When I checked the code, I found that in SeasonManager:onEnterInterior() method, a similar push-to-stack operation was performed to save the external state; But in the SeasonManager:onExitInterior() method, the StartHurricaneStorm() method was directly called according to the external state which the pop-up operation should be performed the right way. Due to this, the hurricane storm will perform from the beginning again and the last hail gone away.

This problem affects the gaming experience very much. Obviously, the state of hail has not been saved in the stack. Hope to be fixed soon!

Steps to Reproduce

Timing and condition:

1. Shipwrecked compatible with Hamlet

2. Wet season

3. hurricane storm outside with hail and lightning.


1. Enter any Interior, our room or pig shop

2. Exit the Interior

3. Found that the hail stop immediately.

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