• Version: PC/MAC/Linux Can't Reproduce

i have an ice chester and i had his eyebone in my inventory by mistake when i traveled to hamlet back. when i arrived in hamlet i could see the ice chester for 1-2 seconds next to the skyworthy. then he disappeared. i traveled then back to rog and there was my icechester with his exebone next to the skyworthy but i brought a second ice chester with me from hamlet. so i had then 2 icechester and 1 eyebone. btw the game lagged hard when this happend

Steps to Reproduce
bring icechesters eyebone from rog to hamlet and then travel back to rog

User Feedback

When I travel with the eyebone, it drops when I use the Skyworthy, so I don't have it when I get to Hamlet. Is there something special about how you stored the eyebone on you or something?

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