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WX Poisoned by Tuber?

Jay Kaltherzig
  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Despite being immune to poison, WX still suffers some of the effects of poison after eating unripe Tubers.

Red arrow: WX's health APPEARS to be draining over time as if he were affected by poison, and even shows the green poison bubbles, but he doesn't actually take any damage.

Blue arrow: WX's sanity DOES seem to be affected by the poison, as he is unable to regain sanity with the garland while poisoned. (There is no insanity aura close enough in the picture to affect him, nor is it dark. His only sanity change SHOULD be the Garland.)

So, while he isn't taking periodic damage from the poison or getting green screen flashes, he IS still taking sanity damage, and his health bar acts as if he's affected by the poison damage when he isn't.

No other source of poison seems to do this, only the poison inflicted by eating an unripe Tuber.



Steps to Reproduce
Eat an unripe Tuber as WX-78.
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