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(Wormwood) All Not-Rot Fertilizers only give 2 HP health back, no matter what potency.

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Bucket of Poop, Guano, and regular poop all heal 2 hp. And Healing with bucket of poop consumes the whole bucket for just 2 hp. That... doesn't quite seem right. 


At the very least, bucket of poop should heal 2 hp every 10% use, as is normal for fertilizing other crops. Personally, I also think Guano should heal a bit more than regular poop, doesn't even have to be much more.

And while on the subject, rot is described as yummy by wormwood but still makes him lose some of his hunger and no healing gained. Probably could just use a text change of some sort. I absolutely understand why rot SHOULDN'T be beneficial.

Steps to Reproduce
Be Worm wood. Make a bucket of poop. Obtain guano. Consume.

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