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Worls map didnt generate ruin entrances to other islands

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

The world map didnt generate any ruin entrances and only 2 red jungle biomes. Only ruin entrance is the one in poisonous biome. There is no way to get to the the other islands.


Steps to Reproduce
I played 6 days in search for the ruins and after that i revealed the map and saw there is none. There should be always ruin entrances if i am mistaken then sorry.

User Feedback

There is another bug report, where the same thing happened.

Can you post the settings that led to the generation of this map?

If you attach the save file (should be "porkland_<saveslot number>") the devs could read the random seed and settings that caused the map and maybe trace through the world generation code to see where it went wrong.

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