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World map didnt generate ruin entrances to other islands

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The world map didnt generate any ruin entrances and only 2 red jungle biomes. Only ruin entrance is the one in poisonous biome. There is no way to get to the the other islands.


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I played 6 days in search for the ruins and after that i revealed the map and saw there is none. There should be always ruin entrances if i am mistaken then sorry.

User Feedback

4 hours ago, Ninka said:

I can see 6 ruin entrances on the first island.

All but two of those are in the Rainforest and Wild Plains biomes, and none in the Deep Rainforest.  My understanding of the Hamlet world generation is that the connections to the second pig city and to the pugalisk island spawn only in the Deep Rainforest, while the connection to the Aporkalypse Calendar island and the ruins containing the Pherostone spawn in the Gas Rainforest biome.  The latter two appear present, but the former two do not.

It would appear that the landmass in the upper middle was supposed to be attached to the first island.

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Nah, I think you are mistaking about where they have to spawn. So far I've found all three in rainforest every time, but it seems to me that each of the three can appear in either the deep or the gas variant. OP, have you actually checked all the entrances?

I first assumed the deep rainforest island in the middle would be the one with the Fountain of Youth, but now that you say it, I don't see that on it. So unless there's more of that island beyond the edge of the screenshot, you might be right about that part.

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