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Wilba and the invisible buildings.

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I found a pig village, and it seems like all the shops are invisible. They does not show on the map, I can not even enter them, and when I find one of them, it is an "invisible wall" that I can not walk through.

Animations when pig are trying to give me something, are often interrupted by trading. For example, when I am trying to give something to a pig, and the pig wants to give me something, her animation cancels and I receive nothing.

Trading with pigs as Wilba do not always gives me a coin. They often give me items like grass or stones, even for successful trade. I am not sure if it is a mistake, but it makes it really difficult to collect money as Wilba.


Steps to Reproduce
It's probably just a random bug, problem with generated world, but still, I probably must delate that world and start once again because of that. And Wilba problem's are probably connected with unbalanced of new character's mechanics

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