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When trying to retry when killed by BFB, the inability to proceed occurred

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

When I was killed by BFB and trying to retry, inability to proceed occurred.
BFB visited with fog occurring.
I got involved in destroying the building where the BFB was near and died.
Then the modal "you are dead!" Came out, and when you pressed the "retry button", the screen got dark and the modal "you are dead!" Came out again.
However, both the "Main Menu" and "Retry Button" are inactive and the time in the world has been in progress and it has become impossible to proceed.

※ While writing this report the screen fog disappeared. I understand, apparently I seem to be being treated by his nest.
Before BFB destroyed the building, I thought I was kidnapped just under his mouth, but I was not hung up, I was able to move freely.
When his head came down again, he destroyed the building and I caught up in it and died.


Steps to Reproduce
1. BFB appears in fog 2. Wait at the position where you can eat at BFB 3. The game progresses without being edible 4. When BFB destroys nearby buildings with your head, you die in a caught form 5. A modal "YOU ARE DEAD!" Is displayed 6. Press the retry button and check that the screen turns dark 7. Modal is displayed again after dark 8. Confirm that all buttons are inactive

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