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Weird DLC Glitch

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So as you can see here I don't have Shipwrecked installed.

Now, I can't really describe what the bug is...but I did make a video of it so as to provide a better explanation.


Sorry for the potato quality...I don't have a top of the line computer, and this was the only way to record it without literally 3/4 of everything being skipped.

But basically the gist of it is even though I have the Shipwrecked DLC uninstalled from my PC, I can still generate a Shipwrecked world via a Hamlet compatible world and building a Seaworthy.

This shouldn't be possible. Even on the main menu I can't select Shipwrecked as a world when creating a new game. If I had Shipwrecked compatible saves already created I wouldn't be able to load them. So how can I suddenly access a DLC which by technicality the game should think I don't own because it's not installed on my PC?


If that's even how that works. Klei devs feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.


Steps to Reproduce
Watch the video. Or boot up DS with Shipwrecked uninstalled, create a Hamlet compatible world, use the command GetPlayer().components.builder:GiveAllRecipes() to build a Seaworthy, and then travel/create a Shipwrecked world.
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