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Weapon shop: unbuyable top left item

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

The item on the top left display in the weapon shop doesn't allow for purchase.  Putting cursor over the item doesn't show pricing/buy option.20181219133600_1.thumb.jpg.4a13c477e6a9797cc11b7fa946f3e9cd.jpg

(My cursor is over the Cutlass Supreme)

Steps to Reproduce
Attempt to buy something from top left display. This is inconsistent , so possible variables to consider: this shop was built in the first island pig town, the item attempting to be purchased is Cutlass Supreme, it's the first day of humid season.

User Feedback

I had this same issue. There was a point to click that is just top-right of the table; it is only a few pixels in size. It is graphically where your walking stick folds back on itself, in your picture.

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