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Wall decoration tab is missing

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending


The wall decoration tab is missing.


Steps to Reproduce
Go into slanty shanty open renovation tab

User Feedback

The developer seems to have removed it due to the inconsistent crafting recipe. All of the wall recipes required a fish to craft for some reasons. If you want to bring back the decors, go to your Don't starve file data\DLC0003\scripts\constant.lua. In the file fine [--ORNAMENTS      = {  str = "ORNAMENTS",     sort = 20,  icon = "reno_tab_ornaments.tex",    isReno = true. }] and delete the [--] at the beginning. That should return the ornament tab.

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They didn't because it wasn't there in the first place. Even if you enable the ornament tab, only the fish and horn ornament are available, try to craft the others will crash the game.

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