Vine doors reset

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Edit: Please ignore this, I didn’t get how it was intended :)

This bug has been closed but the problem is back again. All doors reset


Steps to Reproduce
Cut vines in ancient pig ruins, leave, enter, vines need to be cut down again

User Feedback

.... ....

To emphasize the issue with this: Woodie apparently cannot gnaw ruin vines in werebeaver form. due to this bug, Woodie literally cannot endure ANY of the aporkalypse as he's stuck in werebeaver mode. Unless he turns as he gets in the aporkalypse calendar. The only thing he can do is avoid it.

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17 hours ago, JustTheBast said:

Oh, I thought that was deliberate.  If it's not, then yes, that's confirmed; happens to me, too.

According to another post by the developers (see link), it is deliberate that they grow back whenever you exit and re-enter the ruins.


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