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Using Skyworthy with Hay Fever to Survival Crash the game.

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending


I was traveling between the worlds, going from Hamlet to Survival, the game broke because it was in the Hay Fever effect.


Steps to Reproduce
Be with Hay Fever. Use the Skyworthy and choice Survival.

User Feedback

14 hours ago, tomjmwang said:

Exactly same error here. Please fix this if you can because this bug makes me unable to even load my save. Thank you.


Me too, I gave up on playing Hamlet seriously, because some error happens and I lose all my progress. I went to play RoG and it is also giving errors without reasons: S

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Same problem. Was trying to jump to SW. Day 100 world RIP...

I know it's a EA. But for some reason I never experienced as many ground breaking bugs in any EA before as in this Hamlet one... ugh this is the third time I lost a high day world that I had a blast with... It really sucks the life out of me...


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