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Unsure if Bug - House burned down but still there?

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I had the vampire bats following me. I ran into town and one of the guards attacked the bats with a torch. The bats flew into my house and hit another pig's house, setting both houses on fire. The houses burned down but left an outline that was still click-able like I could access it, but it didn't let me into the house. 

Steps to Reproduce
Running from bat that was on fire, hit the house and it burned down but left behind the house outline like it was still there to be accessed.

User Feedback

Burnt down houses leave outlines so that builder pigs (or a player with a hammer) can build it back up. I remember seeing a developer mention that it's an intended effect for guard pigs to be able to burn down everything, since builder pigs will just repair it, but I can't be bothered to find the quote.


I don't know about the player house in particular, but I assume that you can just repair it with a hammer like any other house.

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Thank you! I do have an update for this though - I saved and quit my game before the pigs were able to repair the house and when I reloaded the save this morning the outline of my house and the other burned down house were completely gone. 

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